Albert Smith Signs, Queensland – Yarabilla Rings entry

2020 Awards won

  • Gold - fabrication
  • Highly commended - installation

Entry information:

Designer/Art Directors Name: Daniel Templeman

Name of In-House Designer(s) and /or In-House Sign Maker(s): Sean Beattie & Luke Reddie Materials

Material used: 6MM and 10MM aluminium

Name of the Output Device: BSE Rover C9

How it was made:

The aluminium sheets were cut to the design and size on the CAD machine. The main body pieces were tack welded together to hold in place. The remaining design pieces were cut by hand with angle grinders to suit the size and design specification with all pieces then welded together to complete the design form before paint application. The base coat of Durabuild epoxy primer was sprayed on followed by a water based top coat that was hand rolled, It was then finished with a fluronated polymer finish for graffiti and environment protection.

Installation process:

The fabricated 8M high rings were delivered to site on multiple semi trailers and were bolted to stillages in halves. Equipment used was a 100T slew crane, 33MTR spider boom on tracks due to terrain with each stillage lifted in sequence and then rolled over mid air using the main lift of the crane. The halves were then bolted together and the completed 8M high unit lifted as one piece onto footings. The installation took over 12 hours due to the complexity of the lift and the install.


ASGA approached Albert Smith Signs for some additional information following their Award win:

How many years has Albert Smith Signs been operating?

Albert Smith Signs has been manufacturing since 1873 where we started as rubber stamp manufacturing facility.

How many staff are employed in the business?

We have over 100 staff in our head office based in Brisbane with accredited installation and project managers throughout Australia.

Do you specialise in a particular area in signage?

Albert Smith Signs has changed as the industry has grown, our range of signage solutions is broad,  however, we do provide many of our clients with large scale solutions such as pylons, sky signage and building signage (Illuminated & Non- Illuminated).

We specialise in fully fabricated acrylic, moulding and 3D signage; As well as large public art projects requiring specialised metal fabrication and engineering.

We have a new printing division ASPrint focused on providing a range of digital and tactile printing services from small amenities signage to large format printing.

How much time did the project take from the initial liaison with the customer to completion of the installation?

May 2017 for first expression of interest by ASG. Sign installation 03rd September 2019.

How many people were involved in the project?

2 Project Managers, 2 Designers, 5 fabricators, 2 painters, 10 installers.

Was it challenging getting the necessary permits to make it happen?

The installation took place under Lend Lease jurisdiction and therefore the site attendance compliance documentation was in accordance with their requirements. In addition, given the size of the pieces and the methodology for lifting/joining adjacent sections, a trial assembly took place in our premises, with the proposed site crane, the dogman, Lend Lease personnel and our installation team. The site-specific installation documentation included: centre of gravity calcs, SWMS submissions, RPEQ certified lifting plan, Geotech scans in crane placement area and the final Form 16 certification.

How did you celebrate your win?

We have a monthly newsletter that goes out to all staff members to highlight the big Win! We also announced it through our social media channels and external newsletter.

Is this the first time entering the Awards?

Albert Smith Signs has been entering the ASGA Awards for some time now, from what I can find we have been entering and been successful in the awards since 2014.

Additional information:

Artist Daniel Templeman:

Second installation – Eight Rings M5 -

Public art -