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The ASGA provides its members with technical information and access to a range of free and discounted benefits as outlined below.

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The following benefits apply only to ASGA current financial members.

  • Access to a range of industry technical guides and information via the ASGA website member portal which is constantly being updated and added to, including the following:
      • Industry Modern Awards wages including apprentices
      • Employee Leave Information including casuals
      • Information on Redundancy, Employment Termination
      • Employee Agreements – templates
      • Information on Social Media Policy, Workplace bullying, Drug & Alcohol policy
      • Standard Terms of Trade documentation
      • Enterprise Agreement information and access to special industry pricing
    • Sign Installer Agreement Template
    • OHS Compliance/Risk Management templates – 8 separate sections including SWMS (Value Estimate $1,500)
    • Webinar recordings led by industry experts on industry specific topics such as subcontracting, employment law and business permits
    • Information on signage regulations:
      • Australian Standards signage related list
      • Building Practitioner / licensing requirements
      • Building & Planning permits
      • DDA Signage
      • Flammable Cladding
      • Lighting
      • Tapes and glues
  • Member exclusive pricing for ASGA face to face and virtual events
  • Exclusive member job ads for ASGA Jobs Board
  • FREE Australia-Wide Legal Advice Line for IR issues** from Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) - (Legal firms can charge $400/hour for this service)
  • General WHS, Risk & Compliance advice from ASGA Consultant Glenn Hain
  • Competitive rates on industry specific insurance from Sign Manufacturers Insurance Brokers (SMIB)
  • Discounts on Debt Collection services from Kearly Lewis
  • Enhanced listing on our website Sign Industry Directory for access by your potential clients




For access to promotional opportunities, consider ASGA’s Sponsorship options. Visit the ASGA Sponsors page for more details.



For more details on any of the above, contact Michael Punch on 0448 274 211 or [email protected]



"In my opinion, membership of ASGA is a must. We have been members since Day 1, and have used the member benefits on many occasions. In particular, having professional legal and workplace advice and counsel there when we need it is worth way more than the membership fee we pay. Money well spent, for sure!"

– Dave, Signarama Redlands.

 I see the ASGA as being critical for our industry in how we support ourselves and create a level playing field. The ASGA is critical as an information tool, a training tool and also a compliance tool for the industry. As a group we can also all share our knowledge which also helps to bring everyone up to the same standard.  

- Damian Nielsen, ASGA Director

Seriously, each time I get an email from you, I tell our team what a brilliant organisation ASGA is and what a fantastic job you guys do. I’ve been in the industry since 1981 and been a member of many different organisations over the years, and still am in quite a few. This is by far, hands down, the best level of communication and support I have ever seen. Thank you to you. Thank you to the team. Thank you! 

- Sue, QLD

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and team for all the general advice and updates throughout this year. If this isn’t a testament to being a ASGA member I don’t what is. 

- Justin, VIC

Warwick has been in touch and was able to supply a contract specific for our new employee, including pay rate information. 

- Sonja, QLD

The member benefit of debt collection by Kearley Lewis has saved our company hundreds of dollars and untold frustration chasing delinquent accounts…. Since joining ASGA and becoming a board member I have met other company owners and the exchange of information is INVALUABLE. I have trusted colleagues in each state to bounce ideas off and to request quotes from when I am presented with interstate projects. 

- Michael, QLD

Amongst everything you are going through, we think you are doing an absolutely brilliant job and we are so grateful to be a part of this organisation, led by you and your team. Thank you for all you do. 

- Sue, QLD


**Legal advice is limited to 5 minute phone calls and does not include perusing significant documentation, drafting documents, meeting with clients or advising on current litigation.