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First Impressions: Protect Yours

Imagine walking into a business for the first time. As a new customer, you look for visual cues that express characteristics of the business: things like professionalism, quality, customer service and so much more. Wayfinding signage, Point-of-Purchase displays, and wall murals all provide flavor and authenticity to a business as well as convey information and expectations to customers.

Quality signage and displays instill confidence among customers and reassure them of a business’s brand and credibility. Creating signage with high performance digital films is one thing, but enhancing the look and feel of this signage with a laminate is key.

Lamination is like icing on the cake, improving the overall look and feel of printed graphics while adding other tangible benefits like slip resistance, reusable whiteboard space, protection and added durability of printed materials.

Next time you are looking for ways to enhance the colors of your graphics and protect them from scratches, spills, or ink fading, while also improving the perceived quality and durability of your printed graphics, consider these General Formulations laminates:

  • GF 109 Traffic Graffic® Floor Laminate (Meets or exceeds UL 410 Slip Resistance)
  • GF 242 OptiMark™ Cast Optically Clear UV Laminate for window graphics
  • GF 400, 401 and 402 Clear UV Laminate; Gloss, Lustre and Matte
  • GF 231 AutoMark™ Gloss UV Vehicle Wrap Laminate for flat to simple curves

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