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Latest NSW and VIC COVID restrictions – what this means for sign businesses

The following is the ASGA’s best advice regarding the current VIC and NSW COVID restrictions as at 18/07/21. This is ASGA’s considered advice only and you must keep your own counsel. 


On-Site Works

Not permitted until after 30th July. The only exception would be to install essential signage like COVID safe signage, or to make sites safe.  The ASGA will be lobbying to ensure we can return as soon as possible.


Is still open.  The majority of NSW sign manufacturers come under the Manufacturing and Associated Industries Award and not the Building and Construction Industry Award.  You must always ensure the following: –

  • COVID safe plans in place
  • Face masks indoors
  • COVID QR code login of all staff and visitors
  • Non-contact collection of signs

Manufacturing in-house is allowed provided you follow your COVID Safe Plan.

Work From Home

Your staff must be allowed to work from home if possible.  They can come in to collect computers and other necessary items if needed.


We have received further confirmation from Service NSW via phone that the information relating to the LGA’s of Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown and Liverpool has been updated.

Sign manufacturing does not fall under the banner of an ‘authorised worker’ in the LGA’s of Fairfield, Liverpool and Canterbury-Bankstown.

Sign manufacturing businesses located in other regions can remain open provided the manufacturing is carried out on their premises.  We are not permitted to attend site for the purpose of installation work unless for the purpose of emergency services.

The following information has been provided by the AI Group: – 

Important points of clarification about the restricted LGAs: – 

  • A person who lives within one of the specified LGAs is not permitted to work in one of the other LGAs, unless an exemption applies.
  • A person is permitted to attend work within the LGA in which they live.
  • A person who works in the LGA in which they live does not have to undergo COVID-19 surveillance testing to attend work.

There is no general restriction on businesses that operate within one of the specified LGAs. They can continue to operate, unless one of the other restrictions apply.  For example, as with the rest of Greater Sydney, all manufacturing businesses located in these LGAs can operate.  In relation to staffing, there is no general restriction on people entering the LGAs for work, other than the movement restrictions for those that live in the specified LGAs. However, if your activities do not appear in the exemptions list, you may be impacted by people from the specified LGAs not being permitted to attend work. 

All this information and more is available on

Other Rules

If your staff are carpooling (to work or while at work), they must wear face masks.

Working Outside Greater Sydney

Construction is still allowed outside the greater Sydney area, so the rules have largely not changed in regional areas.

Sydney located staff can work (including install) outside Greater Sydney.  They must have an active COVID test within the last seven days.


Construction and Manufacturing are Authorised Industries

The only caveat on this seems to be work on occupied buildings.  This doesn’t include businesses that are allowed to be open.  So essentially, only residential homes are not allowed (unless it is essential).  This means on any unoccupied site or businesses permitted to be open, any construction is OK.  Not just essential construction either – all construction.  Sign installation falls under the construction banner, so we are of the opinion that signs can be installed.

The main thing here is that you do not work near the general public – for example, shops that are operating.  Even outdoors, you should create some breathing space around your site in order to be safe.  Indoors, do your work when nobody is there or have a good plan in place if the work is really essential signage and you cannot avoid it.

Masks, COVID Safe Plans and other general restrictions are as per previous lockdowns. Click here for more information on Victorian restriction guidelines.

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