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Level 5 SA COVID-19 Restrictions – What this means for Sign Businesses

Following the announcement of a Statewide Lockdown from 6pm today, the following advice has been emailed directly to ASGA members from ASGA President and SA Chair, Julie Rochester:

Things are changing fast, and we are trying to keep you informed as it applies to us.

There has been some confusion about what is permitted and the short answer is NOT MUCH.

Please be aware that Construction is not permitted in SA during the lockdown (different rules apply in Victoria).

The key word seems to be “Essential” with a focus on safety. The idea is to stop everyone as much as possible to allow the contact tracing to get on top of the outbreaks.

Full details of the SA lockdown are now available on the SA COVID website: Activity restriction levels | SA.GOV.AU: COVID-19.

As per earlier advice, the ASGA confirms SA will go into a Stage 5 lockdown as of 6pm today and the following applies:

·       Stay at home requirement applies, except for the following:

o   Care and compassion grounds

o   Essential work – Level 5 list of essential workers (PDF, 113.3 KB)

o   Purchasing essential goods

o   Medical reasons including getting COVID tested or vaccinated.

o   Exercise with those in your household

·       Closure of community activities

·       Masks for public places

Refer to page 1 of the following document as it relates to the definition of essential workers and emergency services: Level 5 list of essential workers (PDF, 113.3 KB)

The ASGA points to the following clause under emergency services permitted:

“a factory or facility that is not able to be shut down without causing damage or loss to plant and equipment, but only those operations that are necessary in order to prevent that damage or loss”

Consider how this may relate to your business – for example, if you have machinery that may sustain damage or loss if shut down or not used or serviced within a seven day period.

Other than this and installing COVID safety signage, we don’t see any other reason why a sign business may be permitted to continue operating.

Working from home is allowed.

I don’t suggest that you try to bend the rules, we can only assume they will be enforcing the rules with heavy fines.

We remind members that this is general advice and the ASGA advises that you keep your own counsel on all business decisions.

Hopefully, it will be over quickly.

Julie Rochester

ASGA President and SA Chair

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