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Ai Group launch their new industry indicator

The Ai Group have launched their new industry indicator : Ai Group Australian Industry Index. This now replaces the 3 previous reports, PSI, PMI and PCI

The Ai Group Research & Economics team is very proud to have made an indicator that is interactive, user friendly and modern. It makes it much easier for businesses to benchmark their experience against the industry they sit in, as well as those that they buy from, sell to and are influenced by. It also gives an insight into what forward conditions may be in coming month. The interactive charts make it easy to select the time periods and indicators you are particularly interested in.

The Australian Industry Index still includes our historical products the PMI® and PCI®. But it now combines them with the broader industrial economic ecosystem. This new index covers 36% of the economy – manufacturing, construction, technology, utilities and industrial services, all in one place. It is the only monthly industry indicator of its type in Australia.

While there may be similar data releases from others like the Australian Bureau of Statistics, they generally have a quite a time lag. This report is released the first Wednesday of each month (except this one) making it the most current data of this type in the marketplace.

There is also a page of FAQs that will be useful for ASGA members which you can find here


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