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Latest NSW COVID-19 restrictions announced

NSW’s Premier Glady Berejiklian has announced further restrictions following yesterday’s media conference regarding the extension of lockdown for another four weeks (Until Saturday, 28 August at 12.01am).

Upon the current restrictions set in place, below are the key restrictions that were announced:

·       All areas that are currently locked down will continue to be locked down

·       Stricter mask rules for the eight LGAs – You must wear a mask any time you leave the house. Penalty for not wearing masks is increased to $500

·       Travel of 5km radius rule introduced from Midnight 30 July 2021 – including shopping, exercising, single bubbles. Exemptions apply

·       Home schooling to continue. Year 12s able to return face to face from 16 August – vaccination program is established for those living in the eight restricted LGAs

·       Singles bubble introduced to those who live alone – can nominate one family member or friend to visit for companionship

·       Police have been given power to close businesses that flout the lockdown rules including construction site and public premises

Additional LGAs impacted from midnight on 28 July 2021 and are impacted by the current restrictions 

·       Paramatta, Georges River and Campbelltown (Total of 8 LGAs now impacted)

·       Therefore if you live in the above LGA’s, you can only leave your LGA to attend work if it is listed on the Authorised Workers List. (Please note this has not been updated to include construction workers soon)

The list does not operate to restrict any other activity:

·       businesses in these LGAs (other than construction and tradespeople) can continue to operate, even if they are not on the list;

·       people within these LGAs can attend work within their own LGA; and

·       people can enter one of these LGAs for work as long as they do not live in one of the other restricted LGAs.

Changes to COVID-19 Surveillance Testing enforceable from 31 July 2021

·       People who live in Fairfield and Cumberland who travel outside their LGA to work in health or aged car must be tested every three days

·       People who live in Canterbury-Bankstown who travel outside their LGA to work will need to be tested within the preceding 72 hours of attending work

·       People who live in Greater Sydney and working more than 50km still has the requirement to get tested every 7 days (unchanged rule)

·       Proof of COVID-19 test must be with you at all times (SMS or email)

Construction and Trade people – Restricted LGAs who are on stay at home orders. Resumed from Saturday, 31 July 2021 

·       Construction work in non-occupied premises will be permitted to work outside the eight restricted LGAs – COVIDSafe Plans must be in place, subject to one person per 4 sqm rule

·       Tradespeople (including cleaners) will be able to undertake work outside the restricted LGAs as long as they can do so without coming into contact with other people. No more than 2 people inside and five outside). If contactless arrangements are not possible, work cannot go ahead.

·       Any construction or trades work is still not permitted in the eight restricted LGAS

·       Construction work and activities who need to prepare for their construction sites in Greater Sydney before Saturday, 31 July can do so at the beginning of Thursday, 29 July

Please refer to the ‘Preparation for restart’ heading activities that can commence on the NSW Government website here

·       The eight LGAs who are restricted can only have urgent repairs, maintenance or cleaning – circumstances as such to ensure health, safety and security of the premise or household, emergency, fire protection or safety, necessary to prepare an unoccupied place of residence or installation, maintenance and repairs for essential utilities (water, gas, electricity, internet or telecommunications).

Yesterday’s media release can be viewed here and today’s media conference will be expected to be updated on the NSW Government here.

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