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New SA State Chair appointed at ASGA AGM and new constitution passed at Special General Meeting

2023 Executive Committee: Marc Martello, Mick Harrold, Lisa Michalanney (on screen), Damian Nielsen, Wade French (absent)

Australian Sign & Graphics Association (ASGA) held its 2023 AGM and a Special General Meeting last week in Perth. Eight West Australian members took advantage of the meeting being held in their state. Apart from the opportunity to network with others and meet the Directors in person, they also had access to Glenn Hain in person after the AGM, where they were able to question him on a range of sign regulatory issues. Others from around the country attended the hybrid AGM online.

During the AGM the 2023 Executive Committee and regional state committees were confirmed, with Lisa Michalanney voted in as the new South Australian Chair, while other committee members remain unchanged from 2022: Mick Harrold (President, Victoria Chair), Damian Nielsen (Vice President, Queensland Chair), Marc Martello (Treasurer, New South Wales Chair) and Wade French (Western Australia Chair).

The AGM included a review of 2022 and upcoming plans for 2023 across the finance, membership, marketing and communications areas, and presentations were given by ASGA Advisors, Warwick Ryan and Glenn Hain on employment law and building code changes.

During his 2022 review presentation, Harrold commented that while the activities of the past year had resulted in a net loss for the year, the activities were necessary to provide the association with good foundations moving forward.

“2022 was about continuing to build foundations to enable the ASGA to move forward and effect change,” said Harrold.

“ASGA is gaining momentum, with a lot of the back end items are now done.”

Harrold thanked ASGA sponsors and outgoing South Australian Chair Julie Rochester for their contributions, noting that the ASGA was in a better position for Julie being involved.

A Special General Meeting followed the AGM where changes to ASGA’s constitution was passed by members.

“Updating ASGA’s constitution was one of the back end items that was important for us to address,”  Harrold said as he addressed those in attendance at the Special General Meeting.

“This will now be in line with other model constitutions. We cleaned up ambiguous clauses and increased the range of membership classes, both important for management of the association for current and future Directors.”

The new constitution will now be registered with NSW Fair Work. For more details contact [email protected].


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