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Victorian Stage 4 Lock Down – Update 6 August 2020

Late yesterday there was a seemingly minor change that has a significant impact on operations of a number of members.  Multiple worksites are now officially allowed to be visited by our employees. This opens installation up in many areas where it was not allowed only 24 hours ago.  This has the effect that some members can now install on Large and Small Scale Construction Sites subject to the Head Builder meeting their obligations.  As discussed yesterday, you need a work permit on you at all times.  You also have to keep a log of all of the worksites that you or your staff have visited.

A new document was released last night seeking to clarify some of the grey areas.  The document – – seems to remove the restrictions on construction sites, but we have spoken to the Victorian Government this morning and they confirm that these rules which only allow about 25% of staff on large construction sites still exist.

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