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How the Victorian Prohibition on High-risk Cladding Products will Impact the Signage Industry

On 1 February 2021, the Victorian prohibition on the use of High-Risk Cladding product came into effect. This prohibition reduced the percentage of the core of an ACM product that can be combustible from less than 30% to less than 7%. This means even if a product has a Certificate stating that it has achieved Group 1 or 2 rating, confirmation is needed to confirm the percentage of the core that is Combustible (5630 Cert) is 7% or less. The prohibition also affects some other products, but they are not normally used in signage.

Unfortunately for the Signage Industry, this will also impact the materials that can be used as the prohibition also extends to Ancillary and Accessories attached to the external fire wall or a Type A or B Building.

The Victorian Building Authority have confirmed that the prohibition applies to Signage.

Victorian Building Act 1993 Part 1 3 Definitions: –
– external wall cladding product means any product or material that is, or could be, used on or in the external wall of a building (including an attachment or ancillary element), but
excluding any product or material that the regulations state is not an external wall cladding product;
 high risk external wall cladding product means an external wall cladding product that is the subject of a declaration prohibiting its use under section 192B.

A Performance Based Solution from a Fire Engineer cannot be used to get around the requirements of this prohibition.

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