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Victorian COVID May lockdown – what this means for sign businesses

The following is general advice from the ASGA. You may need to consider how this applies to your unique business.

Construction is an authorised industry.

On any unoccupied site or businesses permitted to be open, any construction is OK. As sign installation falls under the construction banner, signs can be installed. The VBA has confirmed this.


Allowances are made for manufacturing but manufacturing businesses are not on the Authorised Providers list so there is no clear stance on this issue.

In the past, and assuming this still applies, products can be produced in support of the construction industry – eg you are building a pylon sign that will be installed on site next week. If you stop work on it, installation can’t proceed, so this work is allowed. Given that all construction is allowed this time, we can assume that you can produce any sign that will be installed. This gives a fairly wide scope to work with. However, it is highly recommended you seek your own advice on this matter as the ASGA is unable to obtain a definitive answer from the government on this.

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Support and grants for affected businesses

No information is available at this stage. More details to follow when the information becomes available.

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